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The COGCC is involved in rulemaking efforts to implement legislative changes from the 2007 Legislative Session, specifically House Bills 1298 and 1341.  The COGCC will hold public meetings (see schedule below) and facilitated stakeholder work groups (see schedule below) to gather comments and information prior to the development of draft rules.  The draft rules then will be subject to public notice, comment and a hearing pursuant to the Colorado Administrative Procedure Act, with adoption of the final rules expected by July 1, 2008.  This website will be maintained so that all parties can stay informed of the rulemaking process, including access to all documents, comments from the stakeholders and a schedule of meetings/events.

Final Draft Rules (November 07, 2008)

Comments on Final Draft Rules

Draft Rules (March 31, 2008 755 Kb)

Staff Clarifications

Commissioner Disclosures

Documents Related to March 31 Draft Rules

Timeline for Adoption of Rules (April 4, 2008)

Parties to Rulemaking

Prehearing Orders

Prehearing Statements

Rebuttal Statements    

Rebuttal Statement of Colorado Oil and Gas Commission Staff


Alternative Procedural Proposals    

Staff Documents for Rulemaking      

Rulemaking Hearing Schedule (June 23 through July 1)

Documents Submitted at the Hearing 6/24-6/27

Orders Entered During Course of the Hearing

Documents Submitted after the 6/23-7/1 Hearing Sessions      

Documents Submitted during the 7/15-7/17 Hearing Sessions   

Documents Submitted after the 7/15 -7/17 Hearing Sessions    

Documents Submitted during the 8/19 -8/20 Hearing Sessions    

Documents Submitted after the 8/19 - 8/20 Hearing Sessions  

Deliberations Documents          

Cost-Benefit/Regulatory Analysis

11/4/2008 Order Regarding Party Groups' Submittal of Comments.

Audio of COGCC Proceedings  




Agency Interface

2007 Statutory Changes

     HB07-1341            HB07-1298            HB07-1180          

     Quarterly Complaint Reports                     


Pre-Draft Documents Prior to March 31, 2008 Draft Release

Thank you for all your comments on the pre-draft rules. We have considered all your input and we appreciate your participation in the rulemaking process. Because of the approximately 2,000 comments received, we will not be able to respond individually.

The deadline for submitting comments on the initial pre-draft rulemaking proposal to implement HB07-1298 and HB07-1341 has been extended to December 18, 2007. Comments will be considered for inclusion in the pre-draft proposal and used for purposes of framing the Stakeholder Work Group meetings scheduled for January and February 2008.

    Initial Pre-Draft Rulemaking Proposal

    Public Comments on Pre-Draft Rules

Agency Interface
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  - Environment & Health Group
  - Wildlife Group
  - Studies Group
  - Additional Regulations Group